Pat plays and endorses the following products exclusively:

Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks

"The equipment I use is an extension of the sounds I want to hear as I am playing and how I feel when performing music.  They are my tools of the trade, and I choose to play them specifically for their craftsmanship, musicality, reputation, and support for me in my career. Thanks to my extended family!" 


"I've grown up on Ludwig Drums, from all the records I used to listen to growing up, Ringo, Buddy, to all the great James Brown drummers. It's a timeless sound, and I continue to play on every gig and record"

Ludwig Legacy Mahogany Series Drums in Jumbo Black Pearl Finish (Primary Set Up)                                                                       The Ludwig Legacy Mahogany series is a return of the shell that was the core of Ludwig drums for over 50 years. Handcrafted in Monroe, NC, the 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shell with solid 1" thick maple reinforcement rings utilizes a process refined through a century of drum manufacturing. The result is a tone with rich sonic warmth that only Ludwig can produce. Ludwig Legacy Mahogany is truly the best of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Ludwig Club Date Series Drums in Vintage Black Oyster Pearl (Secondary Set Up)                                                                                 The Ludwig Club Date features a shell layup of 2-ply maple outer, 3-ply poplar core, 2-ply maple inner. Its sound offers full-bodied low-end combined with soft highs, and mids with pronounced volume. The full round-over bearing edge provides bold bottom-end, and mellow attack. Flat Imperial Lugs finish off this amazing kit.  Pat's is a custom kit and finish.


Snare Drum Collection 






6.5 x 14 Clear Vistalite



Ludwig Atlas Pro

Atlas Pro Foot Pedal

Atlas Pro Snare Stand

Atlas Standard Hi Hat Stand

Boom Cymbal Stands, Straight Cymbal Stand, Atlas Mini-Boom Sarm, Atlas Scissor Lift Long


"My first "real" cymbals were K Zildjians. I've tried the rest, but came home to the best, and could not be happier with my new K Custom Organic I designed".  Although I use a variety of lines, Zildjian's recipe is the 'cymbal of excellence' the rest of the industry tries to match."

ZIldjian K Custom, Kerope, and Avedis Lines

Drawing from the spirit of the legendary K Zildjian range, K Custom cymbals are dark, rich and dry and enable today's drummers to utilize complex K sounds in a more modern musical environment.  They feature traditional K hammering, plus a variety of additional modern hammering techniques that produce unique sonic capabilities.



"It's vital that the heads you play sit on the drums evenly.  I found the Evans Level 360 technology to be the best heads ever invented.  The UV-1 is the head I use the most, as well as the '56 Calftone, and of course, the coated EMad for the bass drum."

Level 360, UV-1

Ease of tuning, sound consistency and resonance, rollover hoop for strength and stability, steeper collar for balanced contact, all make the Level 360 cutting edge technology the industry leader. The UV1 is the end result of years of research, experimentation, and product development.  Its coating provides unmatched durability and consistency of texture.  Designed for durability and versatility, the UV1 also features a new 10mil film known for its warmer tonal characteristics while being more resistant to stretching and denting. Combined with Evans Level 360 Technology™, and debuting a new logo, the UV1 is the most versatile and durable 10mil drumhead for the widest range of sonic possibilities and musical applications.



"Drum sticks are the direct extension and connection to the instrument, so it's vital to find sticks that feel great tactically, fit your hand size, and respond naturally when they make contact with the drum.  I found that with the Promark 747 sticks"

Promark 747 Nylon Tip

Diameter:  .551"
Length:  16 1/4"
Tip Material:  Nylon
Tip Shape:  Oval

The 747 features a classic 5A diameter but is longer and features a thicker taper. The large oval bead provides a dark, warm tone. The 747 is the perfect stick when more volume is required. The nylon tip provides a brighter, more articulate sound.